This script is based on an early-twentieth century American adaptation of the French Ronde found in European writing manuals reaching all the way back to the mid-1600s. The common American name for this script is French Roundhand. The American style incorporates various aesthetic differences from French Ronde, which makes it extremely easy to learn and fun to write.

French Roundhand serves as a wonderful introduction into the discipline of broad edged calligraphy and is particularly well-suited for anyone interested in producing traditional engrossing work in the American styles.

Charles Norder Dreaming in Script French Roundhand

Charles Norder, The Zanerian Manual

David first learned about this script from The Zanerian Manual, where it appears on the 37th page of the 1924 edition (Plate below) under the heading “French Round Writing” by Charles Norder. The forms drew him in through their dramatic, yet simple designs and systematic spacing—spacing which is controlled by a restricted pen angle and extremely easy for a beginner to learn to produce competently.

French Roundhand 2021

French Roundhand 2021

Registration opens on February 1st, 2021 at 9:00am PST. The tuition for the pathway shown above is $250.00 USD. Those who register in the first 24 hours will receive a launch-day discount and secure their spot for just $200.00 USD.

French Roundhand I is part of a Broad Pen Pathway of the Dreaming in Script Curriculum and will be comprised of lessons explaining a brief history of this script, the techniques associated with the minuscule and majuscule letterforms, and some fun projects to get you started using the script in your designs and artwork.

What’s expected of students?

As our penmanship school has grown, we’ve started to shift our priorities from obtaining the maximum number of registrations possible to the highest quality students we can find. It really comes down to why we teach in the first place: we want to help you become an amazing calligrapher. No matter where you’re at in your journey, we want students who want to be great.

Enrollment in the 2021 French Roundhand program will be limited to a specific number of seats so that David can adequately interact with as many of the registrants as possible. As a Dreamer, you’d be expected to meet semi-flexible deadlines and participate in a members-only community forum to advance through the course.

Peer critique is a core part of every DIS program, but don’t let the thought of having your work “criticized” scare you off! We even cover how and when to offer critique in a respectful and constructive manner. As a core value of ours here at Dreaming in Script, we believe that open, professional discussion is the “secret ingredient” to making exceptional progress in your calligraphic endeavors.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested in learning more about the course, seeing a curriculum outline, and getting a special link to a launch-day discount please Join the Waitlist below. Joining this Waitlist is not a commitment to register for the course.

Registration will be open for one week (or until the program is full), from February 1st to the 8th. Course materials become available the morning of February 8th, at which time, registration will close for the remainder of the year.

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