December 31st, 2019 by D. T. Grimes

Ink Tank Podcast - Michael's Return - Masgrimes

Ink Tank Podcast

Episode 003 | Michael’s Return

Michael and I discuss his recent absence from the Ink Tank podcast and Instagram, his new job, and how it has affected his practice. We answer several questions from members of the community regarding practice efforts, perishable skills, and maintaining momentum in penmanship pursuits.

Show Notes

Where has Michael been? (0:55)

“I had a pretty big career change. I started training as an air traffic controller about six months ago. I had to pack up my apartment and move to Oklahoma and was in school for about 4 months. I got to go to my top choice in Indianapolis for my station, AND we bought a house!”

Hours at practice do not equal improvement. (9:29)

“Once you get to a certain point in training, every hour you put in does not equal the same amount of progress. It’s very non-linear. There are these giant milestones that we see retroactively. These milestones solidify techniques even when you take long breaks in your penmanship practice.”

What was your beginner penmanship training program (15:30)

What would you change about your practice program from when you first started training penmanship?

“Anyone who thinks that they’re gonna sit down and have this very clean practice program and that’s what is gonna help them move forward faster than anyone else, I think is being a little naive. You need to have that experimentation part of it. You are always going to know more six months from now than you do right now.”

Do you feel any difference in your body after not writing for a time? (29:29)

“The wrist really shouldn’t be involved…it should be neutral. I need to remind myself about posture a lot. That is something I’ve got much better about in the last year or two. I try to approach it as an instrumentalist…”

Is it okay to have no interest in learning a script that nobody is interested in? (35:30)

“You don’t need to like what the cool kids like. Just “follow your dreams” and “Be your own person!”. We’re all adults. When I learned to do that in my life I became my best self…”

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