October 10th, 2019 by D. T. Grimes

This year’s gathering of calligraphers in Monrovia, California will be the third time I’ve ventured south to see my friends and enjoy the knowledge and company of my peers. Each time I’ve made the trip I’ve told myself: “This is a long way to go for just popping in for an afternoon.”, and I have regretted leaving as soon as my contribution was complete.

Calligrafair 2019

Nina Tran, Sharisse DeLeon, David Grimes, and Suzanne Cunningham

This year was different! I stayed for the whole weekend so that I could have more time to experience the event. I am so looking forward to spending time with DIS students, fellow professional penmen, and my penmaker friend, Chris Yoke, among many others.

Although the event has historically been run by Nina Tran and her friends, this year the leadership has been transitioned in-house to the Smitten on Paper team. Thanks to the promotion efforts of the event’s new organizers, the various calligraphers involved, and a generous feature in the Monrovia Weekly, the Calligrafair at Smitten on Paper pulled more attendees than ever before. It was an really fun weekend and I highly recommend the event to anyone looking to spend time with others in this field.

Here are a few pictures from over the weekend!

David Grimes and Nina Tran at Calligrafair 2019

Nina Tran has always been one of my favorite people. So much talent.

Bryan Chabolla at Calligrafair 2019

Bryan Chabolla hanging out and writing after his presentation on Spencerian Script.

Diego at Calligrafair 2019

Diego Irigoyen in the study room—working on his Offhand Flourishing.

Chris Yoke and Gretchen Caldwell at Calligrafair 2019

Gretchen and Chris plotting to list my nibs on eBay after they fell out my pocket.

Ed Fong and David Grimes at Calligrafair 2019

Ed Fong and David Grimes take a picture after Ed’s demonstration on bamboo pens.

Oscar at Calligrafair 2019

Oscar Carranza smiling from the side as I distract him with my picture taking.

Sharisse DeLeon at Calligrafair 2019

Sharisse DeLeon and I only ever see each other while I’m in LA, but she’s always a sweetheart!

Gretchen Caldwell at Calligrafair 2019

My travel buddy, Gretchen Caldwell, is always in good spirits.

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