Calligraphy in Portland, Ore.

David Grimes is an American calligrapher from Portland, Oregon. His work is based heavily on the writing of early 20th century penmen from the Zanerian College of Penmanship in Columbus Ohio. He teaches calligraphy workshops throughout the United States in the fall and winter on the principals of Engrosser’s Script writing, and is currently working to develop online courses to make learning accessible around the world.



Approach Engrosser’s Script from a fundamental perspective. Engage in monthly challenges and mailing exchanges geared around connecting you with others who are passionate about developing their script.



Articles on the study of Engrosser’s Script, book and product reviews, calligrapher interviews, Portland calligraphy events, and press releases.

Building A Writing Program

The Writing Environment: Body


David produces fine handmade oblique holders for pointed pen calligraphers across the world. His designs are based around highlighting the natural features of the woods he selects, and his unique adjustments set his pens apart as being easy to care for, and long-living

Calligraphy Workshop

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