Dreaming in Engrosser’s Script

When I began pursuing Engrosser’s Script, I committed myself to focusing on its foundational elements from the ground up, obsessing over them, refining them, and inviting them into every part of my world. Two years later, I’ve settled on a codified writing system that I believe provides an efficient and modular model for learning the essence of not only Engrosser’s Script, but Roundhand Writing as a whole.

Engrosser’s Script is defined by its dominating, chiseled appearance and effortless beauty. My system utilizes principals taught by many of the past Masters who contributed to The Business Educator and The Zanerian Manual of Alphabets and Engrossing, alongside concepts and theories of my own.



Ongoing weekly lessons available in the Portland Area. Learn to write beautiful Engrosser’s Script from the ground up with curriculum custom tailored to your unique strengths and goals. Booked in sessions of four. Inquire to schedule.



May 6th and 7th in LA

Come hang with some of your favorite calligraphers in the wonderful little town on Monrovia for a weekend of demonstrations, study sessions, and calligraphy goods shopping! Hosted at the one and only Smitten On Paper.

Register on Nina’s site: anintran.com/calligrafair



Oblique Holder for Engrosser's Script

David produces fine handmade oblique holders for pointed pen calligraphers around the world. His designs are based around highlighting the natural features of the woods he selects, and his unique adjustments set his pens apart as being easy to care for, and long-living.