Calligraphy Resources

Vetted resources for penmen

Getting started with calligraphy can be a confusing task. On this page, I’ve assembled a number of links to trusted resources, suppliers, books, etc. that I use. This cuts out a bit of the guesswork when getting started.

First Steps

Before I set you off onto the web at large, I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer anything to the absolute beginner. Here are a couple of specific calligraphy resources tailored to anyone picking up the pen for the first time.

Supplies (Shop small/locally if you can)

Good calligraphy supplies are an important part of every calligrapher’s toolkit. While you don’t need a whole lot to get started, picking up some quality paper, a nice holder, and some walnut ink will go a long way. Here are some online retailers where you can get your calligraphy supplies shipped right to your doorstep.

Practice Guidelines

I’m a big advocate of learning to understand the proportions of the scripts you are learning and developing the skill to draw guidelines yourself. That said, printable guidelines are a real time saver when you’re just trying to get some practice done.

Conservation of Artwork

As you get more into the practice of calligraphy, you might find yourself acquiring vintage specimens at antique stores, auctions, or from family members. It’s important to understand how to take care of these specimens in a way that allows them to last the test of time.


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