Our Mission in Penmanship

It is our privilege to present the documents on this page for your study and use. While many of these items are in the Public Domain, several remain protected under copyright by the publishers. We expect you, the reader, to understand that the contents contained within this collection are the products of tireless effort by other penmen and respect them accordingly. Meanwhile, we will continue to secure rights to distribute works that happen to remain protected on the subjects of penmanship and lettering.

We are so lucky to live in a time where saving a document from extinction is as simple as turning it into a PDF that can be reproduced indefinitely. With the nature of our discipline’s artwork, many of the precious samples produced by the master penmen of the past are returning, slowly, to dust. Quite literally, our rich historical past is fading away.

It is important to remember, we are not owners of the documents we possess in regards to the history of penmanship, merely custodians. It is our duty to protect them with tenacity and passion before passing them, happily, to future generations for safekeeping.

What you can do

If you find yourself in possession (or knowledgeable of the listing for sale) of a text or original sample that you believe should be preserved by any of the authors on penmanship, please send us a message. Together, we can come up with a way to collaborate on the item’s preservation.

Reach out

Protectors Of Penmanship

In an effort to create a culture surrounding scholarship, historical preservation, and the open sharing of knowledge, we are engaged in a collaborative archiving effort with: