The Masgrimes Archive

of American Penmanship

My Friends,

For the past several years I have worked to acquire, scan, and freely distribute important specimens and publications relating to the topics of: Engrossing, Lettering, Calligraphy, Designing, Pen Art, and American Penmanship. Although my efforts have not yielded as many results on this page as I would like, I have gathered a large number of material which allow me to contribute to the preservation of historic American Penmanship for some time to come.

Upon receipt of some of my first specimens, I was introduced an important concept: we are mere custodians of these historic items while they are in our possession. With the right care and planning, these books and specimens will long outlive us. Please join me in appreciating them for their merits and excusing their faults. They have been invaluable in my progress as a 21st-century penman.

D. T. Grimes

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