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Frequently Asked Questions

Are commissions accepted?

We accept commissions for traditional artistic penmanship and calligraphy. This includes fine art pieces, diplomas, certificates recognition pieces, awards, product labels/logos/branding.

We don’t accepts projects for calligraphy on items like books, photographs, envelopes, clothing, etc. All work must be produced on paper supplied by our studio to ensure that the materials work well together. We’re happy to offer referrals if we cannot meet your deadlines or the demands of your unique project. Please submit a Request For Proposal to get the conversation rolling.

How does pricing work?

Prices are estimated by the project. If you’re working under a specific budget, feel free to share that with us and we are happy to show you what can be done. To get the most accurate quote, submit a thorough Request For Proposal.

Can you handle the framing?

We work closely with a number of framers local to the Portland area to ensure that all artwork is protected from the drafting table all the way to your outstretched hands. Our framers are trained in conservation framing and purchase archival materials from reputable suppliers. If you’re interested in having your project framed, specify that when submitting your Request For Proposal.

When do your courses open?

All of our courses are detailed on our Courses Page.

Our online programs open only once a year during a 48-hour registration window. We do not make exceptions for students to join courses midway through the year. The waitlist for each course typically opens 1-2 months in advance of the start date. Join our email list to get notifications about the waitlist openings.

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