While we can’t express the honor it is when you decide to work with our studio, we can make you a simple promise: From the first ‘hello’, we’ll do our very best to treat your dreams like our own.

David Grimes, Portland Calligrapher David T. Grimes, Script Specialist

Working with a calligrapher

To help ensure that we get the conversation started on the right foot, we’ve outlined a few common elements that will be helpful for us to know before we can get you a solid quote. Already have an RFP, or just want to chat? Email David directly at david@masgrimes.com.

Share the context

In your initial email, please include as much information as you can about your project. This can be as detailed as giving dates of your event, or specifics about the person to receive the special poem you’re hoping to have commissioned, even the color of the wall on which you hope to hang a piece in your home.

We try to ask these questions throughout the quoting process, but the more you can share at the beginning, the easier time we have grasping exactly what you’re imagining. After all, we’re in the business of bringing what’s in your head to what’s in your hands, and we pride ourselves on doing that with exemplary accuracy.

Share important dates

We currently ask for three weeks lead time on all projects, but in times that are particularly busy, five weeks would be even more desirable. It is important to know dates that you might have on your end of the project such as mailing, installation, or launch dates. Setting concrete deadlines that work for you is a priority for us.

Share inspiration images

Often, the language that calligraphers use amongst themselves can seem a bit cryptic to clients. While it is true that we do have special names for ‘fonts’ (we call them ‘scripts’) we recognize that the difference probably doesn’t mean all that much to you. Accordingly, we welcome you to communicate with us visually.

If you have images that you’ve found elsewhere, please feel free to link or attach them to your inquiry. This can help us hone in extremely quick on the aesthetic you’re seeking, and dramatically increases our chance of giving you an accurate quote in our first reply.

Portland Wedding Calligraphy

David’s workshop was inspiring – filled with information and nuance that made me reflect on my script and what could be changed and improved. Most importantly, it was not daunting. David’s gentle guidance made me want to put into action what we were learning. I highly highly recommend taking David’s workshops especially for those interested in studying Engrosser’s Script!

David, I can’t thank you enough for coming to Hong Kong – teaching, sharing and most importantly for our friendship.

– Kirby Leung (March 2018 in Hong Kong)