Dreaming in Script

Dive into the fascinating world of traditional American penmanship and calligraphy. With easy-to-follow, detailed lessons on a range of pen arts, DIS offers something uniquely magical to beginners and advanced students alike.

How to get started

Every Dreamer begins with the Intro to Calligraphy. Learn about pens, ink, paper, and some basic calligraphy techniques that every beginner should know.

Once completed, you’ll be ready to enroll in one of the current offerings:

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What courses are offered?

DIS Courses

Self-Study Courses are individual-based learning experiences that you can undertake on your own schedule and start at any time.

Certificate Courses are cohort-based learning experiences where you work towards a Certificate that demonstrates your understanding of the material.

*All DIS courses begin with Intro to Calligraphy

How are the lessons presented?

DIS Lesson Presentation

Although each lesson inside of the courses varies by content, the material is typically presented as pre-recorded videos, essays, and diagrams. I strive to ensure that information is communicated in several ways to accomodate different types of learners. If there is every any confusion regarding course material, Dreamers have access to a Community Forum where they can ask questions of myself and their classmates.

How long can I access my course?

DIS Course Access Policy

Dreamers retain access to course materials for one year from the day that they enroll in that course. Most courses can be completed in just a few months, so a year should be plenty of time to make it all the way through the material.

When does each course begin?

DIS Course Schedule

Intro to Calligraphy is open now. Once you have completed it, you will be eligible for the April 1st opening of the annual Engrosser’s Script Course or the September 15th opening of the annual French Roundhand Course. The Offhand Flourishing (Self-Study) Course can be joined at any time once you have completed Intro to Calligraphy.

What is the community like?

A welcoming Community Culture

We aren’t dogmatic or closed-minded. In the Dreaming in Script Community, we encourage thoughtful discussion and perpetual curiosity. We support the differences in each of our classmates. We lift each other up in ways that emphasize individuality and lead us to become the best version of ourselves.

DIS isn’t just about learning calligraphy. All students agree to a Code of Conduct that clearly outlines what we expect from each other. Getting everyone on the same page has helped us to build one of the most progressive calligraphy learning communities in the world. In our community, everyone is welcome and questions are encouraged.

What if I am left-handed?

Left-Handed Dreamers

DIS has boasted some pretty incredible left-handed alumni over the years. Through working with these individuals, I am quite familiar with the challenges that they face while pursuing the subjects covered in DIS. In the event that I do not have the experience to provide a solution to a specific problem, I have access to a wide range of highly capable left-handed penmen that I can solicit for input and advice.

Is DIS right for me?

Dip your pen & your toes!

Intro to Calligraphy is priced so that you can dip your toes into what DIS has to offer. If you have hesitations about committing to a full DIS program, enroll in Intro to Calligraphy on its own and take a look for yourself before making a larger commitment to a Self-Study or Certificate course.

Check out our endorsements to see what past students have had to say about their experience with Dreaming in Script.

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With students from all walks of life, the DIS community is filled with some pretty incredible people working towards amazing calligraphic skills. I’m extremely proud to have an abundance of supportive students who have endorsed the programs.

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The Adventure Begins

Take the first step towards becoming a Dreamer and complete Intro to Calligraphy. Afterwards, you’ll be eligible for cohort-based Certificate Courses when they open each year, and you may embark on other Self-Study Courses at your leisure.

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One year of access to Intro to Calligraphy$25.00 USD (plus tax)

Get immediate access to the Intro to Calligraphy curriculum, receive an invite to the members-only Community Forum, and check off the prerequisite to all other DIS courses. In this Self-Study experience, you’ll be introduced to:

  1. A bird’s eye view of western calligraphy
  2. Calligraphic vocabulary and their uses
  3. Calligraphy tools, materials, and their care
  4. Basic dip pen techniques—both broad and pointed
  5. Techniques I used to build a sustainable practice

*Access is granted for one year from date of purchase. Please familiarize yourself with the DIS Terms of Use and Code of Conduct before purchasing.

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