Ink Tank

A podcast for Penmen

Ink Tank: A podcast for Penmen

Ink Tank is a podcast that explores the history of 19th and 20th century American Penmanship and the experience of modern practitioners. Hosted by David Grimes and Gray Harris, the conversation can be in equal turns honest, insightful, and irreverent.

Episodes are posted every three to four weeks.


Your Hosts

David Grimes and Gray Harris — Two big penmen.

David Grimes

David is an American penman and calligrapher with a zealous interest in penmanship history. His work is deeply rooted in the traditions of the American penmen and engrossers of the 20th century. His aim is to preserve the heritage of American Penmanship, promote innovation among contemporary practitioners, and encourage others to higher levels of accomplishment in the Art of Writing.

Gray Harris

Gray is a penmanship historian and practicing penman from Durham, North Carolina. While his full time job is in health care marketing, most of his free time is spent practicing ornamental penmanship and learning about penmanship history. He hopes his shared love of history inspires others to pick up an oblique pen holder and help themselves to the ink.

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