The Pen Art Portfolio

Pen and pencil studies, nature sketches, portraits, sketches from life, figure drawings, animal pictures, headings and initials, designs, title pages

The Pen Art Portfolio is an unbound collection of works produced by roughly fifty penmen and published by Zaner-Bloser in the year 1910. This incredible portfolio contains 48 plates with various styles of penwork, many of which would make it into the Zaner-Bloser publications for years to come. The rendering styles represented in these prints illustrate some of the necessary skills for engrossers and designers at the turn of the 20th century, and should be studied by all who are interested in securing skill in the pen arts.

Terms of Responsibility

While this portfolio is now within the public domain, it is the product of a lifetime of study dedicated to the various styles of penwork presented. It is our privilege to have such samples to study, and the materials within should be used respectfully.