by J. A. Wesco

John Austin Wesco has been one of our favorite historical penmen for some time, as the wealth of his work was produced right here in Portland at the Portland Business College. This intriguing document is actually a packet supplied to school children to help them develop the necessary skills for disciplined writing. You may notice that the front cover of the packet is engrossed with Carol Choruby’s name—a seventh-grade girl whose work occupies the first two pages. Quite a fascinating system! The key for various diagram line-types can be found on the back cover.

Masgrimes Wesco System of Writing, American Penmanship

Terms of Responsibility

Please remember that while this booklet is within the public domain, it is the product of a lifetime of mastery dedicated to the art of penmanship by John Wesco. It is our privilege to have such samples to study, and the materials within should be used respectfully.

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