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This beginner class introduces students who are new to calligraphy to the tools necessary to study, practice, and write beautiful script with the pointed pen. A simple copperplate exemplar, broken down into individualized shapes and movements, makes building beautiful letters into a simple, step-by-step process that anyone can follow. Personalized attention from your instructor will ensure that you leave the day with specific ideas on how you can continue to refine your script and feel more comfortable with the dip pen.

This class is ideal for anyone within 1-3 months of self-guided study of pointed pen calligraphy or absolute beginners.


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David’s teaching methods have resulted in some pretty impressive results as evidence by his students. In my opinion, he is one of the finest modern day practitioners of Engrosser’s script.

– Dr. Joseph Vitolo of

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Comments from past students

I’ve been studying calligraphy for a number of years, but I have never had anyone explain the fundamentals of Engrosser’s script as thoroughly as David did in this class. I wish I had begun my calligraphy journey with this course!

– Chantelle Hoffmann (Portland on 6/25)

I was so thankful to meet David at the Foundations Workshop in NYC! David is exceptionally gifted and his love of calligraphy is so apparent. He is so warm and friendly, which makes for good chats and even better learning! You know that teacher you really like because they’re very chill and you can tell they love the subject they’re teaching- yup that’s David!

– Becky Park (Manhattan on 3/12)

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