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Masgrimes is a traditional calligraphy and lettering art studio based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to produce penwork of the highest quality and champion the archival preservation of artistic penmanship in the United States.

David Grimes Portland Lettering and Calligraphy

High standards distinguish our work. We offer services for graduation diplomas, marriage certificates, memorial albums, brand marks, logotypes etc.. We also accept a small amount of fine-art commission work throughout the year.

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Dreaming In Script - Engrosser's Script Lessons by Masgrimes

Learn Engrosser’s Script

Are you interested in learning more about the beautiful and unique style of calligraphic script known as Engrosser’s Script? Looking for a way to learn old-world methods and approaches to the study of formal calligraphy in the comfort and solitude of your own home?

Dreaming In Script is the most comprehensive online course ever published on the topic of Engrosser’s Script Calligraphy. Learn everything from Engrosser’s Script history to the basics of pen use to crafting complex designs. Appropriate for absolute beginners. This course is broken into 12 distinct sections and can be completed at your own pace.

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