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Dreaming in Script is an online calligraphy school with a focus on traditional American penmanship. All course offerings are beginner-friendly, comprehensive, and build towards developing professional competency in the pen arts.

A traditional approach to American penmanship and calligraphy

Beginning with a traditional foundation builds a practice that draws from the rich lessons of history. That’s why I created Dreaming in Script: to consolidate years of experience and use it to help you become an exceptional pen artist.

Program structures

DIS is built around a program structure. Programs consist of prerequisite courses that build upon one another in a logical and strategic manner. Students begin with our Intro to Calligraphy course, which provides a feel for the instruction and the depth of knowledge presented, before moving forward into the more advanced work.

a flowchart showing course prerequisites in DIS

Reliable lesson pacing

These courses are designed to support all kinds of students. The lessons “drip” at a prescribed pace to prevent rushing, but if it takes you longer to get around to each lesson, that’s totally fine. You’ll retain access to your courses for one year from enrollment, which is plenty of time to make it all the way through your program.

David working with a DIS student

Welcoming community culture

We aren’t dogmatic or closed-minded. In the Dreaming in Script Community, we encourage thoughtful discussion and perpetual curiosity. We support the differences in each of our classmates. We lift each other up in ways that emphasize individuality and lead us to become the best version of ourselves.

DIS isn’t just about learning calligraphy. All students agree to a Code of Conduct that clearly outlines what we expect from each other. Getting everyone on the same page at the very beginning has helped us to build one of the most progressive calligraphy learning communities in the world. In our community, everyone is welcome and questions are encouraged.

Dreaming in Script Certificate offered to students who learn calligraphy with our online programs

Earn your Certificate of Merit

Completing a Certificate Program and meeting specific requirements qualifies you to graduate with a Certificate of Merit. This optional certificate highlights your accomplishment and serves as an endorsement from Dreaming in Script.

David’s teaching methods have resulted in some pretty impressive results as evidenced by his students. In my opinion, he is one of the finest modern day practitioners of Engrosser’s script.

– Dr. Joseph Vitolo, author of Script in The Copperplate Style

DIS course formats

DIS programs generally come in one of two formats: Certificate and Self-Study.

DIS Course formats

Certificate Program Start Dates

These are group learning experiences. Study alongside classmates to experience DIS while building lasting friendships. Each program comes bundled with the required prerequisite courses. Gain access to the members-only Community Forum and pursue a Certificate of Merit upon completion.

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Self-Study Programs

Study at your own pace. Each program comes bundled with the required prerequisite courses. Limited access to the members-only Community Forum is included to share your work with other self-learners. Note: These programs are not eligible for Certificates.