Charles W. Norder (1881-1979)

C. W. Norder Penman - Masgrimes

Charles Norder was born ‘Karl Jonatan Valentin Norder‘, in Ekeby, Sverige (Sweden) on January 28th, 1881. C. W. Norder’s life began as the son of Peter Gustaf and Maria Norder and the second youngest of five children (Simon, Agnes, Hulda, Karl, and Roda). His early years were spent in Sweden.

In 1904, Norder worked alongside notable penman J. D. Carter for C. L. Ricketts — one of the most well-known engrosser’s of Chicago. 1

Norder’s script lettering was considered highly proficient for the time. His command over the shapes used in shaded writing allowed him to produce work that rivaled the work of plate engravers. Norder was known for his retouching ability as well, receiving criticism from some penmen for lining up his finished writing with a razor blade to remove excess ink in any places.

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