Can I learn calligraphy online?

Absolutely. Many people do. Maybe you’re in a small town on Ohio, or you live outside of the United States entirely. Online programs are a great way to become a part of a community while receiving guidance through the initial stages of learning about calligraphy—many of which are confusing and inefficient.

Starting with a traditional foundation is a great way to build a long-term, goal-oriented practice that efficiently draws from the rich lessons of history. That’s why we created Dreaming in Script; to consolidate years of practice into an easy-to-consume curriculum aimed at turning you into a professional penman.

Dreaming In Script - Engrosser's Script Lessons by Masgrimes

What is Dreaming In Script?

Dreaming In Script is a online training program that is dedicated to teaching a variety of styles of traditional American pen art. Throughout 2022, this program will be expanded to include classes covering the topics of:

  • Engrosser’s Script
  • French Roundhand
  • Business Penmanship
  • Engrossing
  • Ornamental Penmanship
  • Offhand Flourishing
  • Illumination

Students who complete a specific combination of classes qualify to receive a comprehensive certificate which states their accomplishment and serves as an endorsement from the DIS staff and Masgrimes Studio. Graduation is not required to participate in the program. While some classes have prerequisites, the class rubric is designed to provide an à la carte experience for students not interested in formal certification.

The first tier of classes in this program are appropriate for absolute beginners. Each class is broken into sections which may be completed at your own pace.

Where do I start?

Join the Dreaming in Script Community and find like-minded students, matchless instruction, and a clear path to skill with your pen that many never dream of.

David’s teaching methods have resulted in some pretty impressive results as evidenced by his students. In my opinion, he is one of the finest modern day practitioners of Engrosser’s script.

– Dr. Joseph Vitolo of

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