If you’d feel comfortable sharing your experience with me, I’d love to have the opportunity to pass along what you thought of Dreaming in Script to other potential students so that they may become our future classmates. So many of you have had such nice things to say about DIS in your essay assignments for class, but I’ve not provided a place for them to be public. There’s no need to stress over an endorsement if you decide you’d like to leave one—it can be as in-depth or topical as you’d like.

Of course, I’m interested to know if you thought there were weaknesses in my teaching methods or The Method as well. I take a lot of notes each time through and try to make calculated improvements on each iteration. If you feel like something could be improved or have a criticism, please message me directly so I can pick your brain. 🙂

What did you like about Dreaming in Script?

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