What is Offhand Flourishing?

Flourishing is an ornamental branch of the penman’s Art. By combining a wide variety of calligraphic strokes with grace, harmony, and contrast, a penman can produce any number of emblematic designs to compliment their writing or stand alone as testaments of skill and control.

“Flourishing is to a large degree conventionalized by nature. Forms are not flourished true to nature, but are slightly modified. The birds are more graceful and regular in outline, while the foliage is less complex and more symmetrical. Flourishing is in part a decorative art, not wholly pictorial. It is not one of the few Fine Arts, but one of the many arts that are pleasing and beautiful.” — E. A. Lupfer

John Austin Wesco, Offhand Flourishing, Masgrimes Archive

Wesco, J. A. 1898. Offhand Flourishing. Masgrimes Archive.