A living list of calligraphy resources

I’m commonly asked what tools I use, what books I study, and what teachers I like. Calligraphy, like any other interest can be a daunting frontier to press when you’re not sure what a nib is, how gum arabic is supposed to work, and why certain papers just don’t like ink. Because of the huge amount of information out there, I thought a simple, curated list would be a great way to get you started learning and inspire you to pick up a pen.


  • Marcus Carlini
  • I’ve known Marcus since 2015, when we met at the IAMPETH convention in Franklin, TN. Marcus is without a doubt one the best movement writers I have ever seen, and certainly the best I’ve ever met. I consider his professionalism and the quality of his script to make him one of the most valuable individuals in the world to pursue private instruction from. Marcus is located in the SF Bay area.

  • Bryan Chabolla
  • Having had the pleasure to finally see Bryan’s incredible work in person, I HIGHLY recommend him as an instructor of Engrosser’s/Engraver’s Script, Ornamnetal Penmanship, and Offhand Flourishing for those of you living in the Los Angeles, California area. Bryan is a genuine and optimistic person. His approach to writing is very human and modest, and his skill with a pen is incredible to see.

  • Nina Tran
  • Nina has been a steadfast friend of mine since our digital introduction in 2015. I have had a number of delightful interactions with her which convince me of the quality of her character, but it is her modesty for the incredible skill which she has acquired that makes me confident to recommend her here. Nina teaches Copperplate and Spencerian within the Los Angeles, California area, and I cannot recommend her as an instructor fervently enough.


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