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S. H. Goodyear


Samuel Horatio Goodyear, well-known educator, died at his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sunday, July 27th.

Mr. Goodyear was best known thru his efforts in organizing the School of Commerce at the University of Iowa. He was born in Bluffton, Ind., and came with his father to Fort Dodge, Iowa, in 1866. He entered Cornell College at Mt. Vernon, from which he graduated. In 1872; he became Principal of Dansville Seminary, Dansville, N. Y., and in this institution developed a large commercial department. Mr. Goodyear went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1880 and started the Cedar Rapids Business College in one room on the third floor of a business building. This School has continued under the same name to the present day and it is now one of the best known private commercial institutions in the country.

Austin Norman Palmer became interested in this school and it was later conducted under the name of Goodyear and Palmer. Still later Mr. Goodyear continued with the Goodyear-Marshall Publishing Company and Mr. Palmer continued alone with the Cedar Rapids Business College.

Mr. Goodyear was for a time editor of the Red Cross Journal with headquarters at Washington, D. C., and for a while he conducted a branch office of the Goodyear Publishing Company, in Chicago, Ill. Later he was organizer and lecturer of the newly-added School of Commerce in the State University of Iowa and returned to Cedar Rapids in 1923.

Mr. Goodyear is survived by his wife, Mrs. Katherine Matson Goodyear, his son, Carl of St. Joseph, Mo., and a daughter, Mrs. Florence Otto of Indianapolis, Ind.