March 18th, 2019 by D. T. Grimes

Ink Tank Podcast - Masgrimes

Ink Tank Podcast

Episode 001 | Introductions

For some time, I’ve been dreaming about starting a podcast to accompany penmen and calligraphers like myself in the long hours of solitude spent inside of their lonely studios.

My dear friend, Michael Gebhart has been a constant support of my process into penmanship and calligraphy over the last year and I am honored to be able to present a small window into some of our discussions for you to tag along.

This podcast will cover a variety of topics — some very literal and others vague. Our intention isn’t to create polished ‘lessons’ but to inspire critical thought and discussions among you and your friends.

You can get involved with this podcast by sending in thoughts, criticisms, and comments to ‘‘ including the subject line ‘INK TANK COMMENTS’. We’d love to incorporate some listener feedback/musings into our next episode.

Right now, you can listen to the first episode at,on Spotify, or most other places podcasts show up.

Please like/subscribe if you want to stay updated AND find at least one person to share with! I’ve never tried to get a podcast off the ground before, so I don’t know what to expect. Anyway you can help us spread the word about Ink Tank is so appreciated.

Penmanistically yours,

D. T. Grimes - Masgrimes

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